Corn (“Meliga”) biscuits
With only corn flour

Meliga biscuits
With only corn flour

The smell of old-fashioned biscuits,
the unique flavour of the old Piedmont recipe

Crumbly and tasty biscuits, they respect the flavour and delicacy typical of Meliga Biscuits.
They are made with fine corn flour and other very few ingredients according to the recipe of the past, to pass down the same genuineness as the old Meliga biscuits of the Piedmont tradition.
Every taste evokes the memory of simple and genuine tastes like those of the country cousine of the past.

Gluten free



Fumetto and Fioretto 42% Corn flour, butter, sugar, whole eggs, raising agent (sodium diphosphate, sodium hydrogen carbonate, corn starch), honey, lemon rind, salt. May contain traces of Hazelnut.

Net weight: 180 g



Meliga Biscuits are ideal for breakfast, for an afternoon tea or at the end of the meal to be eaten alone or with eggnog, together with a good glass of wine such ad Dolcetto or Moscato.


A completely artisanal product.
The authentic flavor handed down from old recipes

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