It was the autumn of 1982
a recipe for hazelnut delicacies
that has brought happiness
over three generations

Our story begins with a recent inspiration,
a story told through deep connections with the past
which still today shape our identity

Our story begins here,
with a re-discovery
on an autumn evening in Alba

It is 2017, and we meet at Alberto’s during one of our usual evenings, as we call them, when we gather to spend some time together like we used to do when we were children. We like to talk about the old times and about our childhood.
We then open an old memory box
which nobody has opened for years, and the first thing we notice is an old recipe book.


Autumn 1982,
recipes for hazelnut delicacies

The books starts with these handwritten lines. It isn’t difficult to recognize that it’s the recipe book of the legendary Aunt Luigina, Alberto’s great-aunt, who is also a bit like everybody’s aunt. We start to go through the book, and we are taken to a past of memories, aromas and delicious tastes of cakes, pastries and biscuits, a long series of delicacies described in detail in that very recipe book.

Hazelnuts, our local treasure

All our recipes are bound by one recurring ingredient: hazelnuts, those picked in Aunt Luigina’s back yard.
We spend the evening reminiscing on how fond our aunt was of that recipe book, the same recipes that other women like her in the Langhe used to prepare in their humble kitchens, in a very poor land, as described in details in Beppe Fenoglio’s book La Malora, with just a few ingredients and enhanced by love and imagination, culminating in delicious recipes.

That evening inspired us to bring those recipes back to life,
with the aim of making those delicacies
with the same simplicity and passion that were handed down to us


Soon after, we decided to transform this dream into reality, and thus in this spirit we founded Golosalba’s artisanal workshop of hazelnut delicacies.

Our delicacies aim to present a snapshot of the past.
Close your eyes and imagine you are savoring these authentic delicacies.
Made with care, embodying the goodness of natural ingredients,
fostering familiar memories with the welcoming aroma
of old-fashioned kitchens from years long-past.

Thank you, Aunt Luigina, for having taught us that
the simplest things are the best, as long as they are prepared with love

Alberto e Andrea